Meet Ron Owen, our new VP of Business Development

We’re happy to introduce the newest addition to our team: Ron Owen, vice president of business development. Get to know him in this Q&A, where Ron provides insight about his experience and new role with Lori Carr & Associates…

What drew you to LCA consulting firm?

Lori’s experience, business acumen, passion and awareness across multiple verticals were fundamental triggers in my wanting to get involved and lead market outreach representing her new consultancy. Organizational change, strategy and large-scale initiatives are very much a part of customer contact organizations and they have become a critical component of any business’ success. Companies need to know their customers and their preferences, which takes commitment and involvement from senior management. A precondition for high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty is that top leadership understand the uniqueness of their call center environment – what it does, how it operates and what it takes to totally satisfy customers. To stay competitive, change and innovation is key.

Call centers are increasingly important to an organization’s success and centers are becoming more complex. Traditional transaction centers have evolved into more dynamic and holistic operations that contribute to—and require the support of—departments across the organization. Lori’s firsthand experience with call center issues and service matrices provide insight into evolving customer requirements and interdependencies across the larger enterprise. LCA’s ability to bring a customizable solution set to the increasingly important people and process end of the customer management experience was very compelling for me.

How will you leverage your history as an innovator to create value for clients?

Contact touch points within call centers are becoming more complex. Social networks, numerous media channels, generational differences, and of course economic pressures, all combine to impact what was traditionally a simpler interaction. My background and experience with multiple platforms, technologies, and verticals all aid in navigating this landscape. If there has been any common theme in my career it’s staying on top of what Gartner calls the “hype cycle” in various industries and trend lines. Being too far ahead creates a bleeding edge with little ROI, for everyone. Being too far behind creates a laggard situation, where no company can afford to be, especially in the highly competitive and economically strained markets of today. My role in developing, marketing, and managing new business development initiatives serves LCA and its clients very well in staying on the edge of that curve.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role?

At a minimum, I want to engage the senior management of our prospective clients in the direct or indirect solution innovation of call center issues, especially those that impact quality, productivity, marketplace intelligence, and “must haves”. Of course I have a bias that LCA will help in all of these areas, yet we need to bring understanding to prospective clients first to gain credibility and respect in this market.

My role is to be a communicator of that information. However, this conversation does not take place in a bubble. Every organization is unique and LCA is acutely sensitive to that. Helping prospective clients navigate the challenges of change and innovation especially as it relates to knowledge management issues, strategic value, operational concerns, and what I refer to as “people technology” all fall within my domain.

I look forward to the many interactions I expect to have where we all learn and, as Charlie Ergen as CEO at Echostar Communications once said to me when I led the Business Television unit there: EARN! Of course that only comes if a firm delivers solutions that resolve our client’s most pressing challenges, and we fully intend to do that.

(Read the press release announcing Ron’s appointment here).


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