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Inspirational Innovator: The Chief Customer Officer Council

Since its inception in 2008, the Chief Customer Officer Council has been the sounding board for individuals in customer service leadership roles across the globe. The position of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is relatively new and innovative in its own right, making customer service strategy a priority at all levels of a company. The CCO Council serves to support and inspire those CCOs in their quest for superior customer service. This was the concept that lead Curtis Bingham—Founder of the CCO Council—to create a forum where individuals serving in CCO roles could exchange ideas that maximize not only the productivity of their firms, but also their understanding of consumers as a whole, allowing them to unlock new and unique ways to reach them. Today, the CCO Council has become a resource that is widely recognized and highly regarded among CCOs at brands like Oracle, Microsoft, Merck & Rosetta Stone (to name a few), who implement customer service strategies that originate here.

The common thread that binds the numerous members of the CCO Council is the amount of time saved by avoiding the trial & error phase often associated with the execution of new customer service strategies. Within the council, members contribute to a unique peer-to-peer exchange with other members in an effort to resolve “chronic customer issues, create sustainable competitive advantage, help retain profitable customers, and drive profitable customer behavior through the effective customer strategy.” The CCO Council has proven its worth to the numerous customer-conscious companies who realize not only the benefit in creating a CCO position, but implementing fresh and innovative business solutions.

The CCO Council also provides countless useful resources for non-members, and sheds light on to topics such as customer vulnerability to competitors, building and maintaining customer loyalty, as well as customer advocacy solutions from highly recognized members of the organization.

For its work to support and further develop the role of the Chief Customer Officer by serving as a resource and providing a sounding board for CCOs around the world, the CCO Council joins our list of Inspirational Innovators.

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Inspirational Innovators: Executives Without Borders

Successful business leaders understand that there are many types of adversity and many ways to lead people to overcome it. Executives Without Borders takes that leadership expertise and channels it in an innovative way to empower people around the world to embrace change and achieve success—despite any situation or type of adversity. As such, we are pleased to present them as the second in our series of Inspirational Innovators.

CEO and co-founder of Executives Without Borders, Robert Goodwin, puts the organizations practices into simple terms: “Some people say, ‘Teach a person to fish and they eat for a lifetime.’ We say teach them how to fish farm and connect them to a marketplace, and then the whole village eats for a lifetime.”

This non-profit organization, founded in 2007, partners with other non-profits around the globe and offers their business expertise in order to make a greater economic impact.  Executives Without Borders (EWB) believe that there are smart, willing individuals in many of these non-profit groups and that they just need the resources and proper information in order to understand how to execute the changes necessary to accomplish their goals—not unlike our work with our clients. EWB provides these organizations with the leadership tools that allow them to not only reach those goals. but to exceed them.

As an example, EWB is currently working on the Nanhi Kali project.  This India-based project works toward enrolling young Indian girls in school and keeping them there.  For most Indian girls, education is not feasible.  In fact, 45% of Indian girls drop out in primary school and 73% call it quits during their tenth year of schooling.  Nanhi Kali tackles this problem by reaching out to these girls and offering them support.  For instance, the organization offers one to two hour classes before and after school hours in which volunteer tutors work to bridge the education gap.

With the help of Executives Without Borders Nanhi Kali was able to reach 57,000 underprivileged girls so far… and their outreach continues to grow.  EWB helped the organization by updating their information-technology system so that they could create necessary business tools such as online sponsorship forms to increase funds and awareness.  Not only did increased funds help buy supplies and clothing for these girls but EWB was also able to market the project to a wider, more global audience in order to gain more support.

The Nanhi Kali is just one example of the many great projects that EWB is involved in. The organization also targets projects involved in the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.  Some of these projects include Shoe4Africa, Charity Water and Camo.  The end goal of goal the projects: to create sustainability through education so that the benefits last long after the completion of the project.

With a team of around 300 volunteer executives and an experienced Board of Directors, there is no telling what this business minded non-profit is capable of.  The Board of Directors at EWB is made up of a prestigious group of leaders from all sides of the industry.  Everyone on the board brings something to the table, whether it is medical expertise, technology development, financial advising, employee relations or governmental department experience.  With all their skill sets combined and their common interest in making a positive impact on the world through their innovative approach, EWB is sure to give a new meaning to business practices in the United States, and new definition for executing change and achieving success in the face of adversity. For that, we hail them as a truly Inspirational Innovator.